KH Ibrahim

Kyai Haji Ibrahim (born in Yogyakarta, May 7, 1874 – died in Yogyakarta, 13 October 1932 at age 58 years). He is general chairman of Muhammadiyah, the second which replaces KH. Ahmad Dahlan. KH. Ibrahim is the son of KH. Fadlil Rachmaningrat, a District Judge prince in the days of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono VII, and he is the younger brother of Nyai Ahmad Dahlan. KH. Ibrahim is a cleric who memorized the Qur’an (Hafidh), art experts read Al-Quran (qira’at), as well as proficient in Arabic. In the period of his leadership, many Muhammadiyah branches established in various places in Indonesia.

Prior to Dahlan’s death, he told on his friends for Muhamadiyah sepeniggalnya leadership baton handed over to Kiai Haji Ibrahim. At first KH. Ibrahim is known as great scholars are unable to bear such a heavy burden. But at the urging of his friends for the founder of Muhammadiyah’s mandate could be met, he finally accepted it. Muhammadiyah confirmed its leadership in the month of March 1923 in the Annual Meeting of Members of the Muhammadiyah as Voorzitter Hoofdbestuur Moehammadijah East Indies (Soedja `, 1933: 232). KH. Ibrahim was born in the village Kauman Yogyakarta on May 7, 1874. He is the son of KH. Fadlil Rachmaningrat, a District Judge prince in the days of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta Sultan Hamengkubuwono to VII (Soedja `. 1933: 227), and he is the younger brother of Ahmad Dahlan Nyai. Abraham was married to Siti bint Abdulrahman alias Moechidah Djojotaruno (Soeja `. 1933:228) in 1904. His marriage to Siti Moechidah did not last long, because she immediately summoned to Allah. Some time later Abraham was married to the mother Moesinah Ragin daughter of KH. Abdulrahman (younger brother of the mother Moechidah). Mother Moesinah (Nyai Ibrahim that the 2nd), blessed with a long life of up to 108 years, and had died on September 9, 1998. According to the assessment of the friends and relatives, Mrs. Moesinah Ibrahim is a portrait of a woman ascetic, patient, likes to pray night and fond friendship. Because of his personality that was then Hj. Moesinah often described as an exemplary mother (voice `Aisyiyah. No.1/1999: 20). Ibrahim’s childhood passed in the care of their parents by reviewing the Koran taught since the age of 5 years. He also guided to deepen the science of religion by his own brother (eldest brother), namely KH. M. Nur. He perform the pilgrimage at the age of 17 years, and also continued their studies in Mecca for about 7-8 years. In 1902 he returned to his homeland because his father was very old. KH. Ibrahim, who always wore a long robe and turban known as great scholars and knowledgeable high. Arriving in the homeland, KH. Ibrahim received overwhelming response from the community. Many people flock to the Koran presented to KH. Ibrahim. He includes a great scholar intelligent, broad minded, very deep knowledge and respected. He memorized (Hafidh) al-Quran and expert qira’ah (the art of reading the Qur’an), and fluent in Arabic. As a Javanese, he was greatly admired by many people because of the skill and eloquence in the memorization of the Qur’an and the Arabic language. Once people are so amazed and astonished, when in his opening speech (khutbah al-‘arsy or now called sermon Iftitah) Muhammadiyah Congress 19th in the high-Hill West Sumatra in 1939, he delivered in a fluent Arabic. KH. Ibrahim also led the mother to be diligent in performing good deeds and worship, always remember God, diligently working on Islamic religious orders and given the name of adh-Dzakiraat (Soedja `, 1933: 136). Adh-Dzakiraat Society provides many services to the Muhammadiyah and the `Aisyiyah, for example, help a lot of fundraising for the Cash Muhammadiyah,` Aisyiyah, PKU, Section Tabligh, and the Park Poestaka. Pengajian KH who cared. Abraham had used the method sorogan and weton. Study carried out every day, except on Friday and Tuesday. In applying these two methods, used at different times, namely: 1.Pada morning from 07:00 until 09:00 sorogan way, namely the Koran to be taught one by one / one by one, especially for young children in Kauman on at that time. 2.When the evening after ‘Asr until approximately 17:00 weton way, namely how to teach the Koran in a way reading was Kyai-santrinya students listen to each one holding his book. Since the leadership of Ibrahim, Muhammadiyah progress so rapidly. Muhammadiyah is growing across Indonesia, and pervasive throughout Java and Madura. Congress-Congress began to be held outside the city of Yogyakarta, such as Muhammadiyah Congress to-15 in Surabaya, Muhammadiyah Congress to-16 in Pekalongan, Muhammadiyah Congress of the 17th in Solo, the 19 th Congress of Muhammadiyah in Bukittinggi, Muhammadiyah Congress to-21 in Napier , and Muhammadiyah Congress to-22 in Semarang. With the move-displacement where the congress, the Muhammadiyah can be extended to all parts of Indonesia. According to records Mr. AR Fachruddin (1991), during the leadership of KH. Ibrahim, activities that can be said to stand out, important and worth noting are: 1.Pada 1924, Abraham founded the Fonds Dachlan which aims to finance a school for poor children. In 1925, he also held a mass circumcision. In addition, he also made repairs marriage agencies to match children of the Muhammadiyah family. Muhammadiyah also a vigorous propaganda disseminated outside of Java (AR Fachruddin, 1991). 2.When the period of the leadership of Abraham, Muhammadiyah since 1928 to send the sons and daughters graduate schools Muhammadiyah (Mu `allimin, Mu` allimat, Tabligh School, Normaalschool) to all corners of the country, later known as the ‘arrows Muhammadiyah’ (AR Fachruddin, 1991). 3.Pada Muhammadiyah Congress in Solo in 1929, namely in his tenure, Muhammadiyah build Uitgeefster My, that is a business entity publishing the bernanung Muhammadiyah schools under the Council of Library Park. At the same time a decline in pictures Ahmad Dahlan because at that time there are symptoms of his cult. While in Congress Muhammadiyah to-21 in Napier in 1932 decided to publish a newspaper Muhammadiyah (dagblaad). For its implementation be submitted to the Executive Branch of Muhammadiyah Solo, who later called Adil. 4.KH. Abraham always re-elected as chairman of the Muhammadiyah Congress ten times during the period of his leadership. He gave more freedom of movement for the younger generation to express its activity in da’wah movement Muhammadiyah. In addition, he also succeeded in guiding the movement to more advanced Aisyiyah, orderly, and strong. He also succeeded in improving the quality takmirul masajid (management of the mosques), and also succeeded in encouraging the establishment of Cooperative adh-Dzakirat. 5.Dalam his tenure, Muhammadiyah has experienced slander from those who do not like going to the progress of the Muhammadiyah. Muhammadiyah and board amount is considered as an accomplice Politieke Economische Bond (PEB), an organization formed by the unity of the Dutch-owned sugar mills. Tujun PEB is to organize coordination and cooperation between the sugar factory in Central Java and East Java in the production, marketing, and also in the socio-cultural aspects of the existing politico-economic relationship with the sugar factory. PEB established associations with the name Jam’iyatul Hasanah which aims to bring teachers of religion and finance them to teach Islam to the workers at the sugar factory. Thus, the Executive Board of Muhammadiyah slander against the greater because the Executive Board of Muhammadiyah deemed to have worked and received funding from the PEB, which is an accomplice Netherlands. But slander can be overcome by the openness of the leadership of KH. Abraham invited the envoys from Muhammadiyah branches to examine the financial and minutes of meetings at the Executive Board of Muhammadiyah in Yogyakarta, and proved that the slander is not true. 6.Pada period KH leadership. Ibrahim has been held ten times the Annual Meeting of Muhammadiyah constant chosen as Chairman of the Executive Board of Muhammadiyah. Starting in 1926, the Annual Meeting of the term be replaced by Muhammadiyah Muhammadiyah Congress, which took place in Surabaya as of the 5th Congress of the Muhammadiyah. KH. Ibrahim died in a very young age, 46 years, beginning in 1934 after a long illness. Under his leadership, Muhammadiyah has developed very rapidly, even at the Muhammadiyah Congress to-22 in Semarang in 1933 (the last in a period of Muhammadiyah Congress leadership KH. Ibrahim) Muhammadiyah branches have been established in almost all the ground water

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